Idioms you can use in office – PART 2


Since our last idioms video, which looked at expressions that can be used at the workplace, we have received many requests to make another video on workplace idioms. So, here goes!

These idioms are commonly heard in office and business settings. We include their meaning and illustrative examples to help you understand each idiom better. Like always, images make learning fun and simple.

We are certain that after going through this video, you will find using these idioms in your conversations easy. Let us know if you found this video useful, and what other category of idioms you would like us to discuss in our next video.

All the idioms that we have picked up are also important from the point of view of competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Bank PO, SSC-CGL etc.

The list of idioms we discuss in this video:

1. In a nutshell
2. In the driver’s seat
3. Take the bull by the horns
4. No brainer
5. On the same page
6. Pink slip
7. Read between the lines
8. Yes man
9. Low hanging fruit
10. Elephant in the room

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