10 Idioms used in everyday English

In this video we will learn 10 Idioms or sayings that are commonly used in English. We will discuss what each idiom means and how it is used in a sentence. 

If you can use idioms in day to day English, it shows that you understand the intricacies and nuances of the language.
Idioms are not difficult to learn at all. You just have to understand the contextual usage of idioms and in no time, you will find yourself using them in conversational English.

The idioms that we cover in this video are:

  1. Play it by ear
  2. Sit on the fence
  3. Cut Corners
  4. Under the weather
  5. Bark up the wrong tree
  6. Beat around the bush
  7. The benefit of the doubt
  8. The last straw
  9. Let the cat out of the bag
  10. Back to the drawing board

Second video in the series – 9 Body idioms.


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