Difference between Little, Less, Lesser and Least

The adjective ‘little’ can be used to describe both small size and small amount.

When used to denote amount, it is used with non-countable nouns, that is, nouns that cannot be expressed in numbers like sugar, salt, money, happiness and so on.

In this ‘Learn English’ video, apart from little, we will also tackle other forms of this word: less, lesser (comparative) and least (superlative). These words are used when we need to compare quantities of two or more items. But it is not as simple as that.

Since little is used as an adjective for items like salt as well as for abstract nouns like happiness, we need comparison words for both quantity (for example, the salt in this jar is less than that one) and quality.

But what do we mean when we talk about comparing quality? In this video, we explain how each of these words is used to convey comparison of quantity/quantity of non-countable nouns.


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