Difference between Simple Past Tense (I ate) & Present Perfect Tense (I have eaten)


Correct grammar is important not just as the backbone of a sentence but also to help us think, write and speak clearly.

Whether you are discussing a current affairs item with a friend or making a presentation before your boss, it is important to know the correct usage of tenses since verbs are meaningless unless properly situated in time.

In this video, we learn the difference between past simple and present perfect tenses, which often get mixed up. Should you say “I have met him” (present perfect) or “I met him” (past simple) for a friend who has just arrived from another city?

Most people, particularly those who speak English as a second language, use the two tenses interchangeably. As we explain in the video, this is a mistake since each tense serves a certain purpose.

The video includes a compilation of examples that discuss both tenses and explain the difference between them. These examples will give you clarity on when and how to use the two tenses. After watching the video, we are certain you will know the right tense to describe meeting your visiting friend.

Watch the video to learn more.


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