Do you know how to pronounce these 7 common words? Correct Pronunciation – PART 2

English is the lingua franca (universal language) of global trade, commerce and culture today. Close to 30 percent of the global population uses this language.And yet, there are many English words that are commonly mispronounced by both natives and non-natives. Like so many people say die-vorce, which should be dee-vorce.

English, unlike Hindi or Sanskrit, is not an ‘as you see so must you speak’ language. Hence, it requires practice to use the right pronunciation. And the right pronunciation is important – whether in an interview, or public speaking or just one on one conversation.

This video — our second in this series — will help you correctly pronounce 7 commonly mispronounced words. These are ‘Metropolis’, ‘Women’, ‘Tomb’, ‘Womb’, ‘Lettuce’, ‘Jewellery’, ‘Biology’, and ‘Divorce’.


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