Do you know how to pronounce these 9 common words? Correct Pronunciation – PART 4


This ‘Learn English’ video –our fourth in this series — will help you correctly pronounce 9 commonly mispronounced words. These are ‘Bowl’, ‘Iron’, ‘Mojito’, ‘Breakfast’, ‘Debris’, ‘Sewage’, ‘Asthma’, ‘ Chamber’ and ‘Infinite’.

English pronunciation can be confusing but with practice, we can get better at saying words right. A lot of the times, the words we mispronounce are not necessarily uncommon or unknown words.

Even simple, commonly-used words are sometimes spoken incorrectly because we may not be aware of a silent letter in them, or we may be mixing up the hard and soft sounds of a consonant, or falling for some other quirk of English pronunciation.

In this video, our fourth in the pronunciation series, we tackle words such as iron and infinite, which we use in everyday language but may be saying them wrong.

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