Learn Idioms and Phrases – 9 idioms you can use in office


In our fourth idioms video, we look at idioms related to the workplace.

Like all languages, English also employs idioms, or phrases that have a figurative meaning that goes beyond the literal use of the words. The correct use of Idioms is an important part of learning English and improving vocabulary/grammar.

At the workplace, for example, idioms are often used to convey ideas related to business and etiquette. Knowing these idioms is essential to understand as well as participate in office talk.

All the idioms that we have picked up are also important from the point of view of competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Bank PO, SSC-CGL etc.

The list of idioms we discuss in this video:

1. Ballpark figure
2. Call it a day
3. Get down to business
4. Come up short
5. Go the extra mile
6. Cut-throat
7. Get (something) off the ground
8. In the black
9. In the red

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